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- 2019-11-11 -

The cable foil is an aluminum foil composite material, and after being coated on one side or both sides of the aluminum foil, an aluminum-plastic composite foil is formed. The cable foil utilizes the principle of airtightness and shielding of the aluminum foil, and is wrapped around the signal transmission wire to serve as a shield for the cable, which can provide a good signal shielding effect.

Cable foil length requirements

In general, the overall quality requirements of the foil foil for the aluminum foil material are not very high, only the surface with less oil, no holes can be. Because the surface quality of aluminum foil is the most important factor affecting the peel strength, the main surface quality problems are oil spots, corrosion, peroxidation and so on. However, cable foils have higher requirements on length and mechanical properties. In terms of length, the length of the cable foil is only allowed to be longer and not allowed to be short. This requires careful calculation of the billet when casting, and the billet should be kept as long as 10 or 12 times the length of the customer's demand, plus an additional 3% error;

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Cable foil strength requirements

In terms of mechanical properties, that is, strength, the standard setting of cable foils in the communication cable industry is not high, but most customers require cable foil strengths greater than 70 MPa or 80 MPa, and 1235 aluminum foil for cable foil production. Can be satisfied. In this regard, Mingtai Aluminum explained that the reason for customers to consider this is mainly to prevent cracking when laminating the film, especially when winding on the cable. Because the plastic film is cut into several strips, the narrowest is 12mm. There may be slight cracks or burrs when cutting. When using, it should be wrapped with tension. If there is a slight defect, it will break due to stress concentration. 

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Cable foil representative supplier

There are also many cable foil supplier in Gongyi City, Henan Province. Among them, the more famous Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. always adheres to the customer-centered process, paying special attention to the process standard of cable foil in the production process, in the strength and length of cable foil. The quality is strictly checked, so that the product popularity and market coverage are expanding, and the sales volume is steadily increasing.

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