High Quality 5052 aluminum alloy coil Features

- 2019-11-10 -

The high-quality 5052 aluminum alloy coil can be used as a protective layer for outdoor buildings, advertising walls, and can be used as electronic product casings. The gas performance is stable, and the surface layer can be even guaranteed for 30 years after special treatment.

5052 aluminum alloy coil Features

5052 aluminum alloy coil has high requirements on the production process. Mingtai can achieve uniform color, high gloss and no streaks on the surface of the product when it is dyed with colored aluminum. When heat treatment, the 5052 aluminum coil can be used. The strength and hardness below 300mm diameter remain stable. Mingtai Aluminum's 5052 aluminum alloy coil finished product can guarantee stronger weather resistance. Under high temperature working conditions, the 5052 aluminum alloy coil is generally not prone to permanent deformation.

5052 aluminum coil

Professional 5052 aluminum coil manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer of 5052 aluminum coil, Mingtai Aluminum has more than ten years of experience. In the factory, advanced production equipment guarantees the reliable quality of the 5052 aluminum alloy coil products. At the same time, Mingtai Aluminum is equipped with a professional analytical laboratory, introducing advanced foreign testing equipment, and checking the production process of the 5052 aluminum coil. To protect the quality of our products, we have carefully created the quality brand of Henan Mingtai.

5052 aluminum coil Features

The quality of the Mingtai Aluminum 5052 aluminum alloy coil is reflected in every detail of the production. From cleaning, to pre-treatment, to painting, drying, etc., every step is to meet the strict requirements of high standards.

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