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- 2019-11-10 -

The signboard is the signboard used to make the logo. The text, the pattern and the like have the function of indicating the direction and the warning. The material is mostly wood, alloy and plexiglass, and the aluminum alloy used therein is 1050 aluminum sheets.

1050 aluminum sheet performance advantages and introduction

The 1050 aluminum sheet is one of the pure aluminum plate series. According to the international brand nomenclature, the aluminum content must reach 99.5% to be qualified. Because it does not contain other technical elements, the production process is relatively simple and the price is relatively cheap. It is a series commonly used in conventional industries. The 1050 aluminum sheet for signage has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but the strength is low, and 1050 aluminum alloy is not strengthened by heat treatment, and can be touch welded and gas welded.

1050 aluminum sheets

Henan Mingtai 1050 aluminum sheet production 

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a high-quality manufacturer of 1050 aluminum sheets. Its production of 1050 mirror aluminum sheet processing technology is mature, and the price of 1050 alloy aluminum sheet has great advantages compared with other high-grade alloy aluminum plates. At the same time, the company has 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, continuous casting and rolling. There are 10 production lines and 44 other large processing equipments with an annual output of 450,000 tons, which is a strong backing for the production of 1050 aluminum sheets.

1050 aluminum sheets

The 1050 aluminum sheet has a long service life, low cost, and high recycling value, so it is very cost-effective for the production of signs.

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