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- 2019-10-29 -

With the improvement of social consumption, high-end packaging materials are developing rapidly. Among them, 8079 aluminum foil as a new high-end packaging has become a favorite of consumers. Especially the high-end 8079 aluminum foil, become a must-have packaging material for high-end consumer goods.

8079 aluminum foil for food and pharmaceutical packaging

8079 aluminum foil needs to be sealed when it is packaged for food and medicine. After that, 8079 aluminum foil needs stable and safe packaging and storage after entering the circulation and the hands of consumers, keeping food and medicines intact.

8079 aluminum foil manufacturers

8079 aluminum foil manufacturers

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., as a leading enterprise of domestic 8079 aluminum foil, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of various aluminum foils. Mingtai Aluminum has more than 400 R&D teams and more than 3,000 professional employees. It has set up independent laboratories and R&D rooms in the factory. It has also established the first aluminum foil and foil research institute in the province to utilize the rich resources of the Central Plains. A large number of elite talents have been recruited, equipped with world-class production equipment, which provides a strong guarantee for high-quality 8079 aluminum foil.

8079 aluminum foil manufacturers

High quality 8079 aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum is headquartered in Gongyi, Henan Province, and has a large production base in Zhengzhou City, a modern production workshop and a 6-layer quality inspection process, providing the necessary guarantee for Mingtai Aluminum's high-quality 8079 aluminum foil.

8079 aluminum foil manufacturers

Mingtai's customers are all over the world, Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. Mingtai Aluminum has been recognized as a well-known brand of aluminum processing in China by many cooperative customers. Mingtai Aluminum has gathered high-end talents in the field of aluminum processing, continuously increased investment, innovation, and active transformation, providing first-class packaging 8079 aluminum foil for customers around the world.

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