automotive aluminum sheets advantages and common models

- 2019-10-27 -

The use of aluminum sheets in the manufacture of automobiles is nothing new, especially in recent years, the use of engine blocks, cylinder heads, clutch housings, brake parts and cover housings from the body frame to the interior of the car. The aluminum sheet material for automobiles can be seen in other places.

Automotive aluminum sheets advantage

Automotive aluminum sheets have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good tensile properties and corrosion resistance, and are good materials for automobile manufacturing and parts processing. Due to the price factor, China's automobile manufacturing industry has not obtained a large-scale popularization of automotive aluminum sheets processing related parts. In addition to price factor processing technology, it is also one aspect, but with the continuous improvement of science and technology, these The solution of the constraints will not be too far away.

automotive aluminums sheets

Commonly used aluminum alloy sheets in various parts of the car

Automobile body, commonly used aluminum alloy materials mainly include 5 series, 6 series alloy sheets, profiles, pipes and high-performance cast aluminum. Different types of aluminum alloy materials are used for different force parts. At present, the 6-series alloy like 6061 aluminum sheet is the main force of the body panel. Automotive chassis, using 5 or 6 series aluminum alloy panels for automobiles. The secondary force-receiving part of the body is made of 5 or 6 series alloy sheets. The door part is made of 5 or 6 series aluminum alloy.

automotive aluminum sheets

Mingtai Aluminum can supply 5 series alloy sheets and 6 series alloy sheets for the manufacture of automobiles, and is a global manufacturer of high-quality aluminum alloy products.

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