Advantages of aluminum foil for adhesive tape

- 2019-10-27 -

Aluminum foil tape is made of aluminum foil for adhesive tape with insulation properties. This tape is commonly used in various electronic products. Strong adhesion, good temperature resistance, not easy aging and other characteristics, aluminum foil tape is generally used for fixing the evaporation tube of air conditioners, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment.

Application examples of aluminum foil tape

Long-term exposure to air and sunlight on the ground across the pipeline and the introduction of the pipeline in front of the building, after a certain period of time, it will age, fall off, and eventually lead to corrosion of the pipeline, must be used with corrosion resistance.It is resistant to high temperature and is not prone to aging. It is repaired with tape made of 1235 aluminum foil. It is important to repair the leaking tiles of houses. Some small cracks can be used in places where the fine parts are not well filled.1235 aluminum foil for adhesive tape for repair, waterproof and corrosion resistance play a vital role in the repair process.

aluminum foil for adhesive tape

Aluminum foil tape shielding function

Aluminum foil tape is often used as a signal line, and aluminum foil for adhesive tape is the main material for shielding, which is used to reduce the interference of externally unrelated signals on the transmitted signal.

aluminum foil for adhesive tape

Through the above examples, everyone should have a deeper understanding of aluminum foil tape and aluminum foil for adhesive tape. Everyone should have a lot of places in their daily lives. They need to use aluminum foil tape. Prepare for it from time to time.

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