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- 2019-10-23 -

As a new type of pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical aluminum foil is increasingly appearing in people's daily lives. In foreign countries, pharmaceutical aluminum foil has been used for nearly 60 years. In general, the use of pharmaceutical aluminum foil is still in the development stage.

pharmaceutical aluminum foil alloy type

According to media reports, the proportion of pharmaceutical packaging is estimated to increase by 2% per year. The demand for packaging in this year will increase by 30.9%. We will approximate the growth rate of pharmaceutical aluminum foil demand. The demand for pharmaceutical aluminum foil this year is 93,400. Ton. The main alloy of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging? 8011-H18 pharmaceutical foil and cold-formed aluminum foil of 8021-O state are representative products of pharmaceutical aluminum foil. Due to the 8011-H18 foil, it is common to adhere to the back side of the plastic packaging material. The aluminum foil after compounding, printing and coating is widely used as a packaging material.

pharmaceutical foil

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil performance requirements

The performance of pharmaceutical aluminum foil requires a clean surface, uniform color, no spots, and no pinholes. It has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier ability, strong mechanical properties, high anti-blasting performance and strong puncture and tear resistance. Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic. The cold-formed aluminum foil of the 8021-O state is pressed and formed into a sealed package after deep drawing.

pharmaceutical foil

pharmaceutical aluminum foil is mechanically strong

pharmaceutical aluminum foil has strong mechanical properties, high anti-blasting performance, strong puncture and tear resistance; excellent moisture resistance, opacity and high barrier ability of pharmaceutical aluminum foil; pharmaceutical foil surface is clean, uniform color, no speckle No oil, no pinholes; bacteria, mold and other tests, heavy metals do not exceed 0.2 million parts per million, strict implementation of industry standards, to ensure safety and health.

pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Alpha aluminum production of current application in daily life pharmaceutical foil is very wide, there are mainly uses drugs capsules, tablets, powders and the like blister pack particles, liquid pouch packaging. With the technological update and market expansion, the pharmaceutical foil will usher in a broader market opportunity, will continue to progress, and continue to develop, adding glory to the domestic and international pharmaceutical aluminum foil market.

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