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- 2019-10-22 -

The mask is a carrier for beauty care products, applied to the face for 15 to 30 minutes. When the nutrients of the skin care products are slowly absorbed by the skin, the film is removed, and the mask is currently widely used. Then, why should the mask bag manufacturer using the mask use the aluminum alloy 8011 foil to produce the bag?

Aluminum alloy 8011 is the best choice

 The material used for the production of facial treatment mask packaging bags is generally aluminum alloy 8011, which is superior to ordinary plastic bags. Which bag should you choose when you want to refrigerate or pack items now, but also to ensure that the item has the longest shelf life? Don't worry about choosing which bag to choose. Aluminum foil bag is the best choice.

aluminum alloy 8011 foil

Aluminum alloy 8011 foil

 As common aluminum foil packaging bag, the surface of which generally has a reverse gloss characteristic, that is, it does not absorb light, and is made of a multilayer 8011 aluminum foil. Aluminum alloy 8011 foil has good light-shielding properties, is also highly insulating, and has good oil resistance and softness due to the aluminum composition inside.

aluminum alloy 8011 for facial treatment mask

 When people use the facial treatment mask, the primary concern is not the function of the bag, but its security. Aluminum alloy 8011 foil is a green raw product, environmentally friendly product, and packaging bags materials that meet the national hygiene standards.

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