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- 2019-10-22 -

Aluminum foil tape is generally made of fiber cloth after pre-treatment and aluminum alloy 1235 foil compound to make it have metal characteristics and become tape. It can be used for shielding of electron magnetic high-radiation, shields for IT industry, etc.

1235 tape aluminum foil technology introduction

The 1235 aluminum tape foil is a cost-effective gap shield for tape that provides a low-impedance conductive connection in the gaps in a chassis or other device. The tape aluminum foil is made of highly corrosion-resistant 1235 aluminum alloy. After precision machining, aluminum tape foil has good shielding effect.

aluminum alloy 1235 foil for tape

aluminum alloy 1235 foil supplier

 Mingtai Aluminum is a reliable aluminum alloy 1235 foil supplier. It can process 1235 aluminum foil of various shapes and sizes according to customers' requirements. It can be used for the production of aluminum foiltape, suitable for computers, mobile phones, wires, cables, etc. Electronic and electrical products.

aluminum alloy 1235 aluminum foil

Aluminum alloy 1235 provides anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties when producing aluminum foil tape, providing excellent adhesion and good electromagnetic shielding.

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