1235 O-state aluminum foil for labeling

- 2019-10-17 -

Anti-theft tags in life are widely used, but for the 1235 aluminum foil material used for their production, it may not be clear to everyone, today we will explain for you.

1235 aluminum foil for label use

An anti-theft tag made of 1235 aluminum foil, belonging to Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology, is used to identify the anti-theft soft tag attached to the merchandise or nailed to the clothing and footwear by a detection system placed at the entrance or exit or the cashier's passage of the supermarket. The anti-theft hard tag (reusable), when there is a 1235 aluminum foil for label that has not been processed by the cashier, the system will issue an alarm accordingly, which will serve as a warning.

1235 O-state aluminum foil for labeling

Label with the role of 1235 aluminum foil

1235 aluminum foil for anti-theft tags can be placed more concealed, not easy to be found and destroyed, thus reducing the loss of goods; and those goods that were not suitable for the sale of the shelves can be opened for sale because they are protected by the 1235 aluminum foil for anti-theft tags. Increased customer buying desires, thereby driving a significant increase in sales, enabling retailers and manufacturers to benefit together.

1235 aluminum foil for labeling

The production of anti-theft tags is mostly made of 1235-O aluminum foil. The 1235 aluminum foil is very soft. The excellent plasticity and processability make it easy to make labels. Mingtai Aluminum has a 20-year history of aluminum foil and foil production, and the products have quality assurance.

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