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- 2019-10-17 -

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is an aluminum alloy processing enterprise started in the Asia-Pacific region. Its subsidiary, Henan Mingtai Technology, specializes in research and development of various aluminum alloy foils including electronic aluminum foil, and has experienced production experience and import and export channels. Vigorously develop the aluminum foil business.

Electronic aluminum foil meets the needs of downstream manufacturers

High-purity aluminum is the main raw material for the production of electronic aluminum foil, and both are the basic materials for the electronics, military, computer and construction industries. In recent years, with the development of computers and communication technologies, market demand has grown rapidly. It is expected that the growth rate of the computer industry will reach 9.84% next year, while the growth rate of the electronic and electrical industry is about 14.3%, which will lead to huge demand for electronic foil. It is expected that the growth rate of production and sales of electronic aluminum foil products will reach 12.9%.

eletronic aluminum foil

Location advantages of electronic aluminum foil production

Henan is located in the cargo distribution center of the Central Plains transportation main road. There are railways, airports and highway hubs to facilitate the transportation of electronic aluminum foil products. Therefore, enterprises carry out services such as rail and rail transportation, object warehousing, logistics operations, bank pledge supervision, and futures delivery. The annual output of 3003 aluminum alloy for electronic foil is 600,000 tons. In the next few years, the company will further expand the scale of electronic aluminum foil production to more than 800,000 tons, becoming the largest aluminum alloy supplier in China, bringing convenience to end customers and distributors.

3003 aluminum alloy for electronic aluminum foil

At the same time, Mingtai Aluminum, as a professional supplier of electronic aluminum foil, is also actively investing in electronic aluminum foil and expanding production to meet market demand.

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