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- 2019-10-16 -

The aluminum tape made of 1235 aluminum tape foil is suitable for refrigeration, such as indoor air conditioning pipes, refrigerators, water heaters, roof waterproofing, temporary pipe sealing, heat pipe encapsulation, BGA computer motherboard circuit board welding insulation, flue sealing, Automobile air conditioners, automobile exhaust pipe trapping and heat insulation, stone cotton, motorcycle exhaust pipe, automobile air conditioner, automobile engine heat insulation, fuel tank trapping, cabinet perimeter sealing, shielding anti-interference, etc.

Household 1235 aluminum alloy for tape

Of course, your home's pots, bowls, pots, etc. can also be supplemented with 1235 aluminum tape foil for tape, roof roofing, door and window seals, water heaters, range hoods, air conditioning pipe strapping, kitchen oil stain isolation, metal product repair, emergency repair, prevention Rust function. Sending cosmetics and other water-based goods can be attached to 1235 aluminum foil for tape at the time of packaging, and pass X-ray security inspection more smoothly.

1235 aluminum foil for tape

1235 aluminum foil for tape can prevent radiation

Wear an apron with 1235 aluminum foil for tape when cooking in an induction cooker or microwave oven to protect your body from electromagnetic radiation. 1235 aluminum tape foil can be used not only in flue seals, but also in cracks such as plastic pots or enamel pots. , not afraid of boiling water, and plastic tape will be afraid of hot, once hot water will wrinkle; 1235 tape aluminum foil has a very special purpose to tell you that it is shielding, anti-jamming effect, wrapped computer data cable (hard disk Line, floppy drive line, radiation protection, etc., we can usually see 1235 aluminum foil for tape on the inner wall of the machine where there is radiation.

1235 aluminum foil for tape

In summary, 1235 aluminum tape plays an important role in daily life and industrial production. 1235 aluminum tape foil has an indelible role as the main material.

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