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- 2019-10-16 -

Recently, there was a report on marine plastic waste, which reported that more than 5 trillion plastic fragments floated in the ocean. This will inevitably lead to concerns about the ecological environment of everyone. At the same time, an emerging lunch box gradually entered the field of vision with 8011 container aluminum foil material.

8011 container aluminum foil current promotion status

According to the latest statistics, only one medium-sized city consumes nearly 2 billion disposable lunch boxes a year, most of which are foam plastic lunch boxes, while food lunch boxes made with 8011 container aluminum foil green materials only Occupy 1% share. To this end, the "Global Aluminum Foil Producers Initiative" recently launched a public welfare promotion project, container aluminum foil is the main promotion material, "both online and offline.

8011 container aluminum foil

 8011 container aluminum foil advantage

According to the above data, a large amount of foamed plastic lunch boxes can cause serious water or air pollution. As an excellent packaging material, the 8011 aluminum foil has been widely used in Europe, North America and Japan. 8011 container aluminum foil has high physical conductivity, good formability and strong barrier properties. It has many advantages when using 8011 aluminum foil as a lunch box and a food container, including safety, hygiene, high and low temperature, environmental protection, good sealing, etc. .

 8011 aluminum foil

With the promotion of environmentally friendly 8011 container aluminum foil materials in the community, the majority of consumers are beginning to use aluminum foil lunch boxes. At present, the main reason for restricting the promotion of aluminum foil lunch boxes is the price factor of 8011 container aluminum foil, consumer awareness, convenience of sales and distribution.

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