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- 2019-10-16 -

Tea is a food for people to drink. It is a product that needs to use food grade aluminum foil packaging to prevent pollution and reduce deterioration due to environmental changes. Therefore, when packaging tea, the effectiveness of packaging should be considered first, that is, to maximize the hygiene and quality of the product.

Food grade aluminum foil introduction

At present, there are many materials suitable for tea packaging, mainly including paper, aluminum alloy and ceramics, as well as a small amount of bamboo, wood and other materials, of which food grade aluminum foil is an ideal material for tea packaging. Tea packaging materials, like other packaging materials, have developed rapidly in development and design. Food grade 8011 aluminum Foil can be used in combination with other materials in tea products such as aluminum-plastic composites. From the form of packaging, Food grade aluminum foil can also be made into bags, boxes and cans.

food grade aluminum foil for tea packaging

Food grade aluminum foil prevents tea from deteriorating

The quality of tea is mainly composed of tea polyphenols, amino acids, alkaloids, vitamins, chlorophyll and other aroma components. These quality components are mostly reducing substances, which are highly susceptible to environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, light and oxygen. food grade aluminum foil for tea packaging can effectively isolate air moisture and avoid the quality of tea by water, air and light. Make an impact. The use of food grade 8011 aluminum foil also plays an important role in delaying the deterioration of tea.

food grade aluminum foil

The general requirements for tea packaging materials are as follows: First, economic and sanitary, both cheap and in line with national health requirements; second, quality and preservation, first of all, to prevent moisture, but also to prevent the entry of various gases and microorganisms. Both food grade aluminum foil for tea packaging can be met.

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