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- 2019-10-15 -

The 1050 aluminum sheet belongs to the pure aluminum series, and the 50 represents the aluminum content of more than 99.5%. The 1050 aluminum alloy has excellent formability, weldability and corrosion resistance, and has good surface treatment property, but has low strength, and is often used in places where corrosion resistance and performance requirements are high, but strength requirements are not high, and it is found in chemical equipment. Very wide range of applications.

Introduction of the use of 1050 aluminum sheet

1050 aluminum sheet is used as a pure aluminum sheet with high purity. It is usually used in daily necessities, lighting equipment, reflectors, decorations, chemical industrial containers, heat sinks, signs, electronics, lamps, nameplates, electrical appliances, stampings and other products. Compared with other grades of aluminum, the biggest advantage of the 1050 aluminum alloy is mainly reflected in the price. Because of its relatively simple production process, the price is relatively cheap and is often used in industry.

1050 aluminum sheet

characteristics of 1050 aluminum sheet

First of all, the 1050 aluminum sheet can be strengthened, and its strength can be more than doubled by cold working. After heat treatment, its strength can be compared with high-quality alloy steel. Secondly, the 1050 aluminum sheet is easy to process and has good plasticity. Various materials can be formed by rolling, drawing and extrusion. Furthermore, the 1050 aluminum alloy is corrosion resistant. A protective film is formed on the surface of the aluminum to improve the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy. Finally, the 1050 aluminum sheet is highly environmentally friendly and can be efficiently recycled for processing.

1050 aluminum sheet

Mingtai Aluminum's 1050 aluminum sheet processing technology is mature, and it can be used according to the 1050 aluminum sheet used for the production of required specifications. It has excellent performance and relatively low price. It is often used in electric conductors, extrusion coils for food, chemical and brewing industries. , a variety of hoses, ship accessories, lamps, signs and other aspects. It can also produce O-state and H-state aluminum plates with good welding performance and corrosion resistance.

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