5052 aluminum alloy plate performance introduction

- 2019-10-14 -

The 5052 aluminum alloy plate is known as one of the most promising alloys. It has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and medium strength. It is widely used in life, especially in the construction industry. Roofing, exterior walls, TV curtain walls, doors and windows, furniture, electrical appliances, etc., have excellent performance and are very popular among users.

5052 aluminum alloy plate for construction industry

The 5052 aluminum alloy has low density, light weight and good tensile strength. The aluminum alloy material not only has high strength, but also has the advantages of light weight, which can reduce the workload of material transportation and installation, speed up the construction progress, and ensure the decoration effect. 5052 aluminum plate has good fire resistance and is not easy to burn. Even in the case of fire, the risk factor can be greatly reduced. At present, many families choose aluminum alloy doors and windows and furniture, especially for families in the southern region.

5052 aluminum alloy

5052 aluminum alloy board advantage

5052 aluminum alloy has a long service life and is durable. The 5052 aluminum alloy is known as the most widely used rust-proof aluminum, and its rust-preventing effect is excellent. The aging process of 5052 aluminum alloy aluminum alloy doors and windows is very long, and the service life of good aluminum alloy doors and windows is up to 50 years. Recyclable and environmentally friendly. The environmental performance of aluminum alloy is outstanding. Due to its good processing performance, the recovery rate is far higher than other materials, up to 100%, in line with the sustainable development route.

5052 aluminum alloy plate

Mingtai Aluminum is an excellent 5052 aluminum alloy manufacturer in China.

5052 aluminum alloy is the superior product of Mingtai Aluminum Industry. The processing technology is mature and the product quality is excellent, which is well recognized by the market. Mingtai Aluminum can produce aluminum alloys with thicknesses of 0.15-600mm, widths of 20-2650mm and lengths of 500-16000mm according to user needs. The materials are available in various states, and the latest 5052 aluminum alloys are available. Welcome to consult.

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