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- 2019-10-14 -

8011 alloy for food packaging can protect food and extend the shelf life of food, based on the quality of food protection, and produce certain economic benefits. So what are the benefits of 8011 alloy for food packaging? Let's analyze it one by one.

8011 alloy can be placed mechanically damaged

Foods are transported, handled, transported and stored throughout the circulation process, which may cause damage to the appearance quality of the food. After the food is inside and outside the packaging, the food can be well protected from the handling process. Mechanical damage to food.

8011 alloy aluminum foil

8011 alloy can extend the shelf life of food

The food itself has certain nutrients and moisture, which is the basic condition for the production and reproduction of bacteria, mildew, yeast, etc. When the temperature of food preservation is suitable for their reproduction, the food is spoiled and deteriorated. If the food is treated with 8011 aluminum foil for food packaging for high temperature sterilization and refrigeration, it will prevent the occurrence of food spoilage and prolong the shelf life of the food.

8011 alloy for food packaging

8011 alloy to avoid the effects of light

When food is in circulation, it is easy to cause food to oxidize when exposed to direct sunlight and light, and at high temperatures. Discoloration, odor, etc., such as 8011 aluminum foil for food packaging or inflatable packaging and other related packaging materials. It can also effectively extend the shelf life of packaged foods.

8011 aluminum foil

In summary, 8011 aluminum foil for food packaging has many advantages such as protecting food quality and safety. Mingtai produces 8011 alloy aluminum foil for packaging manufacturers to choose.

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