8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil can isolate bacteria

- 2019-10-12 -

Aluminum foil bags are very common in daily life, and the bags made of 8011 pharmaceutical foil have strong barrier properties and prolong storage period. In order to preserve the product for a longer period of time, 8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil is more suitable for the product to be protected from bacteria in a sterile environment. It has become the most suitable packaging bag in various industries, such as mask bags, food aluminum foil packaging bags, Main materials such as pharmaceutical packaging.

8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil advantage

8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil has more advantages than other packaging materials. It has strong functions, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and strong plasticity. It has become a common packaging method in various industries. When Mingtai Aluminum produces 8011 pharmaceutical foil substrates, it usually produces different customized conditions according to customer needs, product characteristics, and storage methods. It can be made into various functional packaging bags by combining 8011 medicinal aluminum foil with other materials, such as sterile medicinal packaging bags and vacuum aluminum foil packaging bags.

8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil

 Aseptic packaging 8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil

  Aseptic packaging 8011 pharmaceutical foil is an aseptic packaging technology for sterilizing and encapsulating aluminum foil materials and or packaging bags in a sterile environment using sterilization technology. The 8011 aluminum foil can be packaged in different production processes to extend the shelf life in aseptic packaging and to have a longer shelf life under refrigeration storage.

8011 pharmaceutical foil

Aseptic packaging 8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil has good plasticity, and Mingtai Aluminum can produce 8011 aluminum foil in the state of O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24 and so on. If you want to know more about aluminum foil or other aluminum alloy substrates, please feel free to contact us.

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