Bottle sealing foil use frequently asked questions

- 2019-10-11 -

In the use of Bottle Sealing Foil, many manufacturers often encounter a series of problems, such as a little bit of pitting on the surface of the Bottle Sealing Foil film, which feels like a few hard blocks. Below we conduct a specific analysis.

Problems with bottle sealing foil

First of all, the error of the different thickness of the bottle sealing foil is too large, so that the contact point and the tension setting are excessively concentrated in the place where the thickness error is too thick. This kind of reason is often the most important to investigate the uneven thickness of the raw material of the bottle sealing foil or the uneven coating of the coating when the material is processed. At the same time, the dust of the bottle sealing foil increases when cutting, and the edge is cut into the sealing film. The more the cut, the more uneven it is; the bottle sealing foil is too tight when the tension is set too much, so the static electricity between the film and the film is not easy to tear open and affect the customer's packaging.

bottle sealing foil

Inspection bottle sealing foil film

The bottle sealing foil film quality inspection has procedures, touch, knock, and look at the coup. Touch is the quality test to feel the slitting surface of the bottle sealing foil film is not smooth enough, there is no burr feeling that should not be there, look at the aluminum alloy 8011 for bottle sealing foil film has no hard block, bump, bursting and other phenomena. Knocking is to look at the tension setting when the winding is too high, causing the mutual compression of the bottle hot sealing foil film into a whole, affecting the re-opening of the packaging equipment. Look at it is to look at the cleanliness of the surface of the sealing film, there are no explosions, bumps, hard blocks and so on.

bottle sealing foil

Bottle sealing foil improvement measures

First of all, it is necessary to check and save the ventilation bottle sealing foil ventilation measures. Do not spray the dust to cause the dust to fly and influence the cutting. Reasonably arrange the cutting operation environment, improve the operation of the garbage disposal, and let the cutting master not be too garbage disposal. Distraction puts the energy into the cut. Secondly, when compounding, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the bottle sealing foil film and the composite film. The quality inspection should first test the raw materials. Once again, always pay attention to the size of the slitting force and the amount of contact force, as well as antistatic measures.

Bottle Sealing Foil needs to be tested, improved, and ultimately guaranteed in the process of cutting.

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