What is the price of 5052 aluminum plate?

- 2019-10-10 -

5052 aluminum plate is the representative product of 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy, and it is also the best-selling 5 series alloy on the market. The 5052 aluminum alloy plate is the most widely used rust-proof aluminum plate with high strength, certain anti-fatigue strength and plasticity. Good, anti-corrosion and corrosion resistance, no heat treatment, good weldability and polishing.

Mingtai Aluminum produces 5052 aluminum alloy plate

Before the production of 1+4 hot rolling of Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., the 5052 aluminum alloy on the market has been in short supply. Our 5052 aluminum alloy plate has occupied the market with fast delivery, excellent quality and large scale. At this time, the processing cost of the 5052 aluminum plate is still about 10,000 yuan. Later, with the rapid development of domestic aluminum processing, industry competition intensified, market demand saturation and other factors, domestic aluminum enterprises began to compete to play a 'price war', which affected the price trend of 5052 aluminum alloy plates to a certain extent.

5052 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum alloy plate price

The price of 5052 aluminum sheet has been dropped from about 10,000 yuan to about 4,000. In 2015, even manufacturers have a vicious competition for the 5052 aluminum sheet market with a processing fee of 3000 degrees. Faced with the fall in processing fees, the profit margin of the 5052 aluminum sheet is constantly being compressed, and the price war continues. So, at present, what is the price of the 5052 aluminum alloy plate on the market? At present, the processing fee of the 5052 aluminum plate of the domestic large-scale aluminum processing enterprise such as Mingtai Aluminum is also lowered with the market, but it can still be in the standard range. Internal quality and quantity, these manufacturers are the backbone of the 5052 aluminum plate on the market, and also a large-scale manufacturer of large-scale production.

5052 aluminum alloy plate price

The price of 5052 aluminum alloy plate is an important factor to measure product purchase, but it should also consider the manufacturers, quality, service and other aspects to obtain more protection for enterprise procurement.

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