What is beer bottle neck foil?

- 2019-10-09 -

Beer aluminum foil top mark, also known as cap label, has the original natural metal texture and brightness. It is more eye-catching than any other substrate. It is like a beautiful jewelry in the crown. It is integrated with the belly label and the back label to create the perfect brand beer. 

Beer bottle neck foil application performance

The printer uses beer bottle neck foil to be processed by standard aluminum ingot melting, hot casting, rough pressing and precision pressing with a purity of 99.5%. After the beer bottle neck foil is formed, the surface oil is removed from the aluminum foil by evaporation. The grease is applied to prevent the foil from sticking during the rolling process, and the surface of the finished beer bottle neck foil cannot remain any oil trace, otherwise the printing ink will be affected. Adhesion. The printed reel aluminum foil is embossed/punched, cross-cut, flattened, die-cut or die-cut in several steps behind the packaging plant to form the customer's required marking.

beer bottle neck foil

Beer bottle neck foil stacking tightness

Reasonable embossing depth and the process sequence of the first grain back hole can make the beer bottle neck foil closely adhered after being cut and cut like "butter", which helps the tightness of the aluminum foil stack, and there is no single bottle bottle neck foil. The gap formed by the space makes the die/punching blade stand upright, thick and straight. The pinhole size, density and uniformity affect the tensile strength and the distribution of the labeling glue, but mainly affect the drying time of the standard glue. The brewery requires the quick drying period of the water to be released from the label through the pinhole after labeling 2~ 4 days.

beer bottle neck foil use

Burst pressure of beer bottle neck foil

The bursting pressure is the main strength index of the aluminum foil cap. The high-quality label can adapt to the labeling speed of 100,000 bottles per hour. The imported Pechiney needle-free aluminum foil burst pressure is greater than 55kPa, and the domestic high-quality 1235 aluminum foil such as Mingtai aluminum is not less than 42kPa; imported aluminum foil The arch height is more than 4mm, the domestic aluminum foil is slightly lower than 4mm; the high density micro pinhole aperture is 7um×8um, which facilitates the rapid solidification of the glue and makes the aluminum foil better positioned on the bottle; the embossed structure adopts paper roll or steel roll, pressure The depth of the grain is moderate and must not affect the strength of the aluminum foil.

1235 aluminum foil

Influencing factors of beer bottle neck foil

The labeling effect of bottled beer is determined by a number of factors, including labeling technology (labeling machine), operator, wine bottle, adhesive and label quality. The labeling process is a combination of a rubber roller and a squeegee to form a film of a certain thickness on the rubber roller. When the target plate passes through the rubber roller, the glue is applied and a label is removed by rolling when the label is turned to the front end of the label box.

beer bottle neck foil use

The beer bottle neck foil is attached to the bottle mouth after multiple movements and pressures, and finally ensures that the labeling is positive, flat, aligned, scratch-free, wrinkled or damaged, and no glue marks.

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