3003 aluminum alloy - the best industrial material

- 2019-10-09 -

The design of industrial equipment needs to meet the requirements of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It is not only a simple design appearance, but also belongs to a category of industrial design. Industrial equipment manufacturing materials use 3003 aluminum alloy, which can reduce weight, improve aircraft power and save fuel. 3003 aluminum sheet is used for aircraft appearance manufacturing energy saving and environmental protection.

3003 aluminum alloy sheet has heat resistance

The 3003 aluminum alloy sheet has a certain heat resistance and can be used as a working part at 150 ° C. The temperature is higher than 125 degrees Celsius, and the strength of the 3003 aluminum sheet is higher than that of the 3004 aluminum alloy. The forming properties are better in the hot state, annealing and new quenching conditions, and the heat treatment strengthening effect is remarkable, but the heat treatment process is strict.

3003 aluminum plate

3003 aluminum sheet use

The 3003 aluminum sheet can be welded or riveted using a special process. Widely used in machine structures, rivets, truck hubs, propeller components and other structural components, suitable for industrial machine appearance materials.

3003 aluminum sheet manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is currently an excellent domestic 3003 aluminum sheet manufacturer on the international market. Its 3003 aluminum sheet has high hardness and is commonly used in industrial production. Its tensile strength is 400~500 MPa, heat resistance and fatigue resistance. In particular, the fatigue crack growth resistance is relatively high quality, and our customers can use it with confidence.

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