Where is the 5052 alloy aluminum plate used?

- 2019-10-09 -

The 5052 alloy aluminum plate is an AL-Mg alloy and is the most widely used rust-proof aluminum plate in life.

Chemical composition of 5052 alloy aluminum plate

The chemical composition of the 5052 alloy aluminum plate includes the following: AL amount; Si: 0.25; Cu: 0.10; Mg: 2.2~2.8; Zn: 0.10; Mn: 0.10; Cr: 0.15~0.35; Fe: 0.4 range, 5052 alloy aluminum plate The most common states of aluminum plates are H32, 0, H22, H16, H34, and the status requirements are closely related to customer needs. We develop different production processes according to different customer requirements to meet the maximum demand.

5052 aluminum plate for mobile phone cases

Advantages of 5052 aluminum plate

The 5052 aluminum plate is mainly used for high plasticity and good weldability, with a flat appearance and good mechanical properties. 45 % is used for computer panels, mobile phone cases, large computer casings and operating platform panels. 40% is used in automotive parts. 15% for streetlight brackets, solar brackets, desktop bases (2.0 thick).

5052 aluminum plate

Surface quality of 5052 alloy aluminum plate

In the production process of the 5052 aluminum plate, and finally the finished product, the surface is required to have no surface defects such as embossing, scratching, chromatic aberration, etc. The mechanical properties require 90 degree bending and no cracking, and the oxidized surface has no black wire.

5052 aluminum plate

The 5052 alloy aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum has achieved remarkable results in computer, fuel tank and automobile exterior parts. Our company can produce aluminum plate products with different requirements according to different needs of customers and the 5052 aluminum plate price is reasonable.

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