2A12 aluminum alloy for the backing plate

- 2019-10-08 -

The door frame pad is used to press the pad to make it more convenient and comfortable. The common mouse pad can make the mouse more flexible, and the storage pad can be used to avoid the moisture of the cargo. The door frame pad can It is more convenient to use the door frame, and the 2A12 aluminum alloy has a good advantage.

2A12 aluminum alloy is more commonly used

2A12 aluminum alloy is a commonly used aerospace aluminum alloy in domestic aluminum alloy. Because of its high copper content, it has high hardness and is a kind of hard aluminum alloy. It is also suitable for use as aviation aluminum alloy. The 2A12 aluminum alloy of the door frame is very beautiful, light and tough, easy to install, and has high corrosion resistance and rust resistance. It is used in warehouses, and there will be no obvious corrosion or rust even if it is wet for a long time. Its performance is relatively stable, long service life and durable.

2A12 aluminum sheet

Choose 2A12 aluminum sheet manufacturers

The quality of domestic aluminum alloys is uneven. How to choose a good 2A12 aluminum sheet is a problem that everyone pays attention to. If you use good products, you must choose a good manufacturer. The 2A12 aluminum sheet produced is the leader in domestic aluminum alloy, as aviation aluminum. A part of the alloy not only has high hardness, but more importantly, the overall quality. The products produced by Mingtai Aluminum have an excellent reputation.

2A12 aluminum alloy

2A12 aluminum alloy is used for the durability of the door frame pad, which effectively prevents the corrosion hazard caused by long-term humid environment.

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