commonly states used for ship 5083 aluminum plates

- 2019-10-07 -

The 5083 aluminum plate is the main alloy for marine aluminum plates and is the main aluminum material for shipbuilding. Because ships are sailing in seawater or inland rivers all year round, anti-corrosion and other anti-rust requirements are high. 5083, 5086 rust-proof aluminum plate is a common alloy for ship plates.

5083 aluminum plate can resist corrosion

 In shipbuilding, the 5083 aluminum sheet is often used to machine parts such as hulls, consoles, and decks. But the most important of these is the underwater part of the hull, especially in the years of seawater contact, the underwater part of the hull should be able to resist the corrosion of seawater and be durable. The most commonly used products in this part are the 5083 H116 and 5083 H321. The ship plates in these two states have the best corrosion resistance and are more suitable for the underwater environment than the H111 and H112. Although the 5083 H116 and H321 ship plates are only slightly different in temperature during production, the corrosion resistance is significantly better than other states.

5083 aluminum plate

5083 aluminum plate common state and other alloys

At present, most shipbuilding companies also purchase products of 5083 H116 and 5083 H321. After the 5083 aluminum plate and other aluminum materials replaced the traditional steel ship plates, the average ship saved about 8-100 tons of weight. The scope of the 5083 aluminum plate instead of the steel plate is not limited to the hull and parts, but also includes the furniture, cabinets and other equipment of the ship deck Xiamen. Other alloys are generally 6061, 5052, 5754 and so on.

5083 aluminum plate

 Overall, the 5083 aluminum plate is still the mainstream of the current ship board. Aluminum-based steel is also the development trend of the international shipbuilding industry. With the rise of the international marine economy, China's aluminum processing enterprise 5083 shipboard will usher in two rapid growth periods of domestic and international. All aluminum companies should seize the opportunity to increase the sales of 5083 aluminum plates and strive for long-term development for enterprises.

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