aluminum composite panel is green building materials

- 2019-10-07 -

The aluminum composite panel curtain wall has always dominated the metal curtain wall. The lightweight material reduces the load on the building and provides a good choice for high-rise buildings.

Common functions of aluminum composite panels

The aluminum composite panel curtain wall is excellent in waterproof, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion performance, which ensures the long-lasting surface of the building; processing, transportation, installation and construction are easy to implement, providing strong support for its wide use; can be combined into different The appearance and color of the exterior expand the designer's design space; the high performance and price ratio, easy maintenance, long service life, in line with the owner's requirements.

aluminum composite panel curtain wall

Aluminum composite panel - environmental protection building materials

The aluminum composite panel products are suitable for the curtain wall decoration of government office buildings such as stadiums, subway stations, airports, libraries, etc. Therefore, the aluminum composite panel curtain wall is favored by customers as an impactful architectural form! Recently, it was held in Shanghai. The China International Architecture Exhibition, this exhibition has a high degree of attention to the new decorative building materials in the curtain wall decoration industry. With the continuous development of the construction industry, the functional requirements for building materials are becoming more and more environmentally friendly. The curtain wall decoration material aluminum composite panel is recommended as a green building material, which is advocated. There are four main characteristics: new, non-toxic, low-carbon and energy-saving.

aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel is a new type of building material

Aluminum composite panel is a new type of building material, which is greatly different from traditional wood, stone and other traditional building materials, and is made of high-quality aluminum alloy sheet. Non-toxic. Mainly manifested in the construction materials for the human body harmless aluminum square ceiling decoration offer performance, aluminum composite panel in the paint spraying completion, so that toxic substances can be volatilized, and finally through the film packaging to achieve environmental protection. And it can be completely recycled and reused, so that resources can be used rationally.

aluminum composite panel

Low carbon and energy saving aluminum composite panel

Low carbon and energy saving will be the main trend in the future development of the construction industry. The aluminum composite panel products and other environmentally friendly materials will be matched with each other, which can greatly enhance the energy saving and environmental protection performance of the aluminum composite panel. For example, the rock wool on the back of the aluminum composite  panel can achieve good thermal insulation, and the aluminum ceiling can improve the acoustic performance of the aluminum composite panel to a certain extent. As a kind of new building materials, aluminum composite panels can also reduce the energy consumption of buildings, which is beneficial to improve the built environment, thus playing the role of mildew proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, etc., without polluting the environment and generating new waste. It can also be recycled and reused to achieve sustainable development in the construction industry.

1100 aluminum foil for aluminum composite panel

Entering the 21st century, energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon have become the key words of this era. Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. keeps pace with the times. The 1100 aluminum foil for aluminum composite panel produced meets the national production standards and wins customer satisfaction. It has created the most green and environmentally-friendly aluminum veneer and has been continuously improving and learning.

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