Aluminum composite panel for sound insulation

- 2019-10-07 -

A good environment can change a person's good mood, and good products can change your living environment. Aluminum composite panel is such a high-quality product, so that you have a mood while living.

Aluminum composite panel substrate is light in weight

The aluminum composite board substrate introduced by Mingtai Aluminum is a new environmentally-friendly product. The long-term contact of the human body has no effect and will not cause re-contamination. The surface can be pasted with pvc film fabric, used to produce 1100 aluminum foil material of aluminum composite board, light weight. The sound absorption coefficient is large, the flame retardant has excellent chemical stability characteristics, and the construction is also very convenient, which is deeply loved by downstream manufacturers.

aluminum composite panel

Sound insulation of aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panel can be used for roof insulation, cold insulation, sound-absorbing materials; building insulation, cold preservation; entertainment venues, bars, ktv, di bars, air-conditioned rooms, conference rooms, academic lecture halls, etc.; air-conditioning ducts and refrigerators heat.

aluminum composite panel

Mingtai Aluminum is trustworthy because of its professionalism.

The advancement of the city is inseparable from the development of industry, the rapid development of productivity, the environmental pollution of the city directly harms people's health, and noise becomes an important factor that cannot be ignored. Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum alloy manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum composite panels. Mingtai is committed to casting high quality and high efficiency aluminum alloy substrates.

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