Beer bottle neck foil labeling effect

- 2019-09-29 -
The labeling effect of bottled beer is determined by a number of factors, including labeling techniques, bottles, adhesives and labels, and the quality of the aluminum foil material.

Beer bottle neck foil labeling process

The labeling process is a combination of a rubber roller and a squeegee to form a film of a certain thickness on the rubber roller. When the target plate passes through the rubber roller, the glue is applied and a beer bottle neck foil label is removed by rolling when the label is turned to the front end of the label box. The label with the label continues to move, and the label of the labeling cylinder is removed by clamping the side edge of the label, and the bottle is pressed by the pressure-sensitive sponge when the labeling tube is turned to the side of the bottle-turning table. The beer bottle neck foil label is attached to the bottle mouth (the body label is also attached). The labelled bottle will rotate with the tray at the same time as the bottle turret, and the label will be flattened when passing through the brush group;

Beer bottle neck foil

Beer bottle neck foil labeling requirements

The beer bottle neck foil is marked on the labeling machine in contact with the labeling unit such as the standard box, the labeling board, the labeling cylinder, the rubber sheet, the labeling brush and the standard pressure. After being subjected to multiple movements and pressures, it is sealed on the bottle mouth. Beer bottle neck foil labeling requires correctness, flatness, alignment, no scratches, wrinkles or breakage, no glue marks. Many breweries are increasingly using high-speed labeling machines, and the 8011 aluminum foil for beer bottle label should be able to meet labeling speeds of at least 40,000 bottles per hour.
Beer bottle neck foil

To achieve good labeling results, the beer packaging workshop also needs to regularly maintain, replace the target, clean the rubber brush every day, and regularly check or replace. Use a good quality beer bottle foil.

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