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- 2019-09-27 -

It is well known that the smaller the gap, the better the performance of the cable. On the contrary, the large gap air easily invades the shielding layer and affects the service life of the cable. The inside of the cable foil first has a layer of insulating medium, and the cable foil is attached to the outer surface of the insulating medium. The roundness of the media and the gap between the aluminum foil and the insulating media directly affect the performance of the cable.

The role of cable foil

The presence of the cable foil ensures the consistency of the insulating medium of the coaxial cable. The fluctuation of the dielectric diameter of the coaxial cable mainly affects the echo coefficient of the cable. The smooth and smooth feature of the cable foil can compensate for the gap of the medium, thus ensuring the uniform outer diameter of each point of the cable. At the same time, the cable foil plays an important role in the shielding performance of the coaxial cable.

cable foil

Cable foil manufacturer

To ensure the shielding of the cable and the consistency of the inner and outer diameters, high quality cable foil is required. Mingtai Aluminum is a professional cable foil manufacturer with 22 years of production experience. Therefore, coaxial cable quality, strict detection of pinhole number and other indicators when producing cable foil, to ensure that the aluminum foil is smooth and smooth.

cable foil

The quality of cable aluminum foil plays an important role in shielding in coaxial cable. It plays an important role in preventing external open circuit signal interference and cable TV signal condensation. Therefore, it is of great significance to select high quality cable foil manufacturers when producing coaxial cable.

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