Use beer bottle neck foil typesetting

- 2019-09-27 -

In the actual production of beer or red wine, a label is needed on the neck of the bottle as a display for the product and the merchant. The aluminum foil cap is a common label, and the material is mostly beer bottle neck foil. The aluminum foil cap is marked in the actual printing, and some of them need to be noted.

Aluminum foil for cap color processing

Before the plate making, it is necessary to understand the required color of the cap label, because the current cap label can have a lot of color samples, and the beer bottle neck foil should be dyed according to the target color. In the beer bottle neck foil printing, pay attention to the ratio of the front and rear tension, usually the ratio of the post tension to the front tension, usually the back tension is 10% larger than the front tension. During the printing process, it is also necessary to adjust the angle of the blade, which is beneficial to extend the service life of the plate cylinder. The 8079 aluminum foil produced by Mingtai is easy to dye and has good mechanical properties.

beer bottle neck foil

Beer bottle neck foil embossing

 Beer bottle neck foil often has the problem of embossing length and pattern depth when embossing. The main reasons are as follows: beer bottle neck foil embossing length is usually inconsistent due to poor printing and embossing machine The tension is not well controlled. The beer bottle neck foil pattern is mainly due to the fact that the lanolin is not clean and the oil pressure is not well controlled. The lanolin roll is not cleaned by the discoloration of the ink and can be washed with alcohol and propanol. If the pattern is too shallow, the beer bottle neck foil will rupture after embossing. You can use a few laps of paper and then press the aluminum foil for cap.

beer bottle neck foil

 Aluminum foil for caps are good products without odor and tensile strength. At present, many customers at home and abroad choose the beer bottle neck foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum as the raw material for producing aluminum foil caps.

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