Beer bottle neck foil performance

- 2019-09-27 -

When the label on the beer bottle is made, the mechanical processing affects the mechanical properties and processing performance of the beer bottle neck foil to different extents. How to ensure the performance of the beer bottle neck foil is a problem that beer manufacturers should pay attention to.

Reduce beer bottle neck foil damage

The wiring optimization operation can reduce the damage of the tensile strength (Mpa) and elongation (%) of the beer bottle neck foil, and finally ensure the labeling adaptability of the brewery. The aesthetic function of the label of the beer bottle neck foil; the other aspect contributes to the tightness of the 1235 aluminum foil for beer bottle neck stack, the reasonable embossing depth and the process sequence of the first grain back hole can make the beer bottle neck foil The cross-cutting and cutting are closely attached, and there is no gap formed between the single aluminum foils, so that the die/punching blade is straight, thick and straight.

beer bottle neck foil

Beer bottle neck foil properties

Beer bottle neck foil's own pinhole size, density, uniformity affect the tensile strength and the distribution of the labeling glue, but mainly affect the drying time of the standard glue. The brewery requires that the moisture is released from the label through the pinhole. 2 to 4 days after labeling. If the brewery is filled with recycled bottles, the efficiency of the bottle washer must be considered. The beer bottle neck foil is chemically represented here. Commonly used bottle cleaning agent is 1% sodium hydroxide solution supplemented with various additives, completely dissolves aluminum, metal salt, copper, zinc and other metal objects from the glass bottle decoration. The pinhole should ensure that the lye is fast in a few minutes. The inner layer of the label is infiltrated to peel off the bottle and dissolve in a few minutes.

beer bottle neck foil

When making aluminum foil standard, high-quality ink should be used, the embossing depth is moderate, and the strength of aluminum foil should not be affected, continuous optimization operation, beer bottle neck foil performance.

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