5083 aluminum plate for car air reservoir

- 2019-09-26 -

The 5083 aluminum plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is a relatively high processing cost in the 5-series alloy. The 5083 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance and machinability. It is an alloy product with good strength in the non-heat treatable alloy. After anodizing, the surface is beautiful and well received by customers.

Wide use of 5083 aluminum sheet

The main alloying element in the 5083 aluminum plate is magnesium, which has good corrosion resistance and weldability, as well as medium strength and a wide range of applications. Especially in the construction industry, it is the most promising alloy. Excellent corrosion resistance makes the 5083 aluminum plate widely used in marine applications such as ships, as well as automobiles, aircraft welding parts, subway light rails, etc. In recent years, it has been mainly used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, automobile air cylinders, hardware products, and electrical enclosures. In addition, the 5083 aluminum plate is also used in automotive air reservoirs. The air reservoir is a gas storage device used in an automobile brake system, and is used for storing a gas compressed by an air compressor (air pump) for use in a system such as an automobile brake and a whistle.

5083 aluminum plate

5083 aluminum plate function advantage

The main functions of 5083 aluminum plate used in automobile air storage are energy storage, filtration, voltage regulation and temperature reduction. At first, the car air reservoir used iron storage, but the cleanliness of the iron gas storage cylinder was difficult to control, and it was easy to rust. It required internal and external spray treatment, which led to a greatly shortened service life. With the development of technology, the current car air cylinder used more than 5083. The aluminum plate is processed. The forming process of the 5083 aluminum plate is very good. After being used in the automobile air reservoir, the surface of the aluminum alloy is coated with good cleanliness. The surface of the gas cylinder is easy to naturally form a dense and firm protective film, which is very good. It protects the body of the gas cylinder from corrosion and prolongs its service life.

5083 aluminum plate for car air resevoir

In the future car storage cylinder market, 5083 aluminum plate will usher in greater development and open up a broader market application prospect.

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