How to print 3003 aluminum foil?

- 2019-09-26 -

3003 aluminum foil is soft and resistant to moisture, shading, abrasion, non-toxic and tasteless, and has become an indispensable packaging material for many products. So what about the effect of 3003 aluminum foil overprinting? Let's look down:

Overprint tension control of 3003 aluminum foil

In the overprinting process of 3003 aluminum foil, tension adjustment and change directly affect the accuracy of overprinting and printing, which is one of the key factors in the control of printing process. The tension control system of 3003 aluminum foil is an input attenuation according to some adjustable attenuation law. And the special follow-up system of change. Tension control is the core of the whole machine control. As long as the tension control is stable and the tension change is small, the accuracy and scrap rate of the 3003 aluminum foil can be easily controlled. However, in the process of aluminum foil printing, tension fluctuations and variation factors are multifaceted and need to be carefully analyzed.

3003 aluminum foil

3003 aluminum foil roll

Due to the 3003 aluminum foil roll of the printing press, the winding diameter is constantly changing during the winding and unwinding process. When the braking torque is constant, the diameter is reduced, the tension is increased, and the winding is reversed. If the winding torque is constant, the tension will decrease as the winding diameter increases. This is determined by the inherent characteristics of the press and is a major factor in the change in tension of the aluminum foil. The unevenness of the quality of 3003 aluminum foil material affects the change of tension, such as the fluctuation of the elastic modulus of the material, the thickness of the material varies along the width and length, the eccentricity of the material roll, and the height of the heating will give the tension band of the whole machine. Come to subtle influences.

3003 aluminum foil

In summary, the key step of the 3003 aluminum foil in the overprinting process is the control of the tension of the aluminum foil material. In the case of the excellent quality of the 3003 aluminum foil itself, the use of the printing machine controls the winding and unwinding to ensure the smooth running of the machine, and the 3003 aluminum foil overprinting will be good. Effect.

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