6061 aluminum alloy for mobile phone casing

- 2019-09-23 -

6061 aluminum alloy is relatively cost-effective as a mobile phone casing. Compared with plastics and ceramics, 6061 aluminum alloy can also ensure the safety of mobile phones and prevent accidental crashes from causing damage to mobile phones.

Mingtai Aluminum is rich in technology of producting 6061 alloy:

Mingtai Aluminum has rich technical experience in the production of aluminum substrates for 3, 5 and 6 series mobile phone cases. The products have a stable market share for many years. Our company has long-term cooperation with many mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad, combined with current mobile phones. The market is booming, and in the future, our 6061 aluminum alloy mobile phone shell will surely usher in a greater development opportunity. With the sense of responsibility of industry leaders, we have made our own efforts in expanding the high-end application of aluminum.

6061 aluminum alloy for mobile phone casing

High quality 6061 aluminum alloy

Our company also cleverly uses the invisible hand of the market to promote its own development. Continuously deepen cooperation with downstream mobile phone shell manufacturers, invest in scientific research, research and development of high-quality 6061 aluminum alloy, relying on the accumulation of industry for many years, help downstream enterprises to achieve high-end demand for aluminum substitution, local procurement of raw materials. The implementation of strategic cooperation helps downstream production enterprises to improve product quality from production material reform, while saving production costs and achieving multi-win.

Based on the current consumer market, Mingtai promotes supply-side structural reforms as a leading brand in the aluminum processing industry, continuously adding new equipment, upgrading its technological level, and producing high-end 6061 aluminum alloy products to increase the added value of products.

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