Aluminum composite panel has insulation properties

- 2019-09-23 -

The aluminum composite panel has strong strength, thus minimizing the vibration and resonance of the chilled water and hot water pipes during use. At the same time, the aluminum composite panel has good winding and toughness, and it is easy to handle curved and irregular pipes during construction, and it can save labor and materials.

Main features of aluminum composite panel

The main feature of the aluminum composite panel is the closed foaming structure, which has small thermal conductivity; it has excellent thermal insulation effect and can save energy consumption: the closed bubble structure and the dense skin make the water vapor difficult to penetrate and the water absorption rate is low; the aluminum composite panel has Moderately soft, construction and installation is extremely convenient, saving labor and materials; at the same time, the appearance of aluminum composite panel is elegant and clean, suitable for a wide temperature range (-40 ° C to 120 ° C), good fire resistance, durable; use 1100 aluminum foil to make materials Has excellent fire retardant effect.

aluminum composite panel

Applicable temperature range of aluminum composite panel

The aluminum composite panel is suitable for a wide temperature range from -40 ° C to 105 ° C and has good anti-aging properties and durability. The flame retardant effect reaches the B1 standard. At the same time, the aluminum composite board is a green and environmentally-friendly material, which meets environmental protection requirements from production to installation, and has an overall appearance. Aluminum composite panel has low thermal conductivity: this product has a low thermal conductivity. The average temperature is 0.034w/mk at 0°C, and the surface heat release coefficient is high, reaching 9.5w/mk. Therefore, under the same environmental conditions, aluminum composite panel The thickness of the board is more than half thinner than other temperature materials, which saves space above the floor ceiling, thereby increasing the available space of the floor.

aluminum composite panel used in wall

The surface of the aluminum composite panel is smooth and smooth, so the water vapor in the outside air is difficult to penetrate into the material. The cold insulation does not need to add a vapor barrier layer to obtain a better thermal conductivity, and the whole of the aluminum composite panel is both a cloud-protecting layer and Moisture barrier. Mingtai Aluminum is China's famous aluminum composite panel supplier, with guaranteed quality、global customization and reasonable aluminum composite panel price.

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