What is the role of battery aluminum foil in the battery?

- 2019-09-23 -

The main constituent materials of the lithium ion battery include an electrolyte, a separator, a positive and a negative material, and the like. The positive electrode material occupies a large proportion (the mass ratio of the positive and negative materials is 3:1~4:1). The battery aluminum foil is commonly used as the positive electrode material, and its performance directly affects the performance of the lithium ion battery, and its cost directly determines the battery cost.

Battery aluminum foil can improve battery performance

Battery aluminum foil can significantly improve battery pack consistency and significantly reduce battery composition. Such as: significantly reduce the dynamic internal resistance increase of the battery; improve the consistency of the voltage difference of the battery pack; extend the life of the battery pack; Improve the adhesive adhesion of the active material and the current collector, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the pole piece. Such as: improving the adhesion of the positive electrode material and the collector using the aqueous system; the battery aluminum foil improves the adhesion of the nano- or sub-micron positive electrode material and the collector; improving the adhesion of lithium titanate or other high-capacity negative electrode materials and collectors Focus on; battery foil to improve the pass rate of the pole piece, reducing the cost of manufacturing the pole piece.


Battery aluminum foil can reduce polarization

The battery aluminum foil can reduce the polarization, increase the rate and the gram capacity, and improve the battery performance. The common alloy foil is 1060 aluminum foil. Such as partially reducing the proportion of binder in the active material, increasing the capacity; improving the electrical contact between the active material and the current collector; the battery aluminum foil protects the current collector and prolongs the battery life. Such as: to prevent the collector corrosion, oxidation; improve the surface tension of the collector, enhance the easy coating performance of the collector; can replace the cost of the battery foil etching foil or replace the original standard foil with a thinner foil material.

battery aluminum foil

Among the 1 series aluminum foils produced by Mingtai Aluminum, 1235 aluminum foil and 1070 aluminum foil can also be widely used in lithium ion batteries.

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