Packaging foils for bags can prevent static electricity

- 2019-09-22 -

The electronic components are placed directly on the wooden table. If the wooden table is static, the electrostatic discharge will endanger the electronic components. The FPGA chip is very sensitive to static electricity. The general resistance is about 10^6-10^10,packaging foils for bags can effectively reduce the intensity of electrostatic discharge and prevent electronic components from being broken down by static electricity.

bag based on packaging foils

This bag based on packaging foils, protects electrostatically sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards. With the other four layers that are unique in composition, the structure can form an "induction cover" effect to protect the contents of the bag from the electrostatic field. In addition, the inner layer of packaging foils for bags is composed of static ethylene, antistatic function, and static and safe discharge. This packaging foils for bags is light and easy to observe, and does not affect product barcode reading. Used in packaging of electronic components, PC boards, etc.; also useful in the packaging industry such as food and drug.

packaging foils for bags

Packaging foils for bags with anti-static and other functions

Packaging foils for bags have anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference, moisture-proof three functions, aluminum foil material is mostly 1 series alloy 1060 aluminum foil, etc., its shielding barrier can reach an average of 60db, electrostatic protection is powerful, the inner layer is pure metal aluminum Composition, resistivity is less than 0.1Ω, strong four-layer structure, strong sealing, good waterproof, oxygen barrier, light-proof, puncture resistance, packaging foils for bags for electronic products with moisture-proof requirements: all kinds of PC Board, IC integrated circuit, optical drive, hard disk, and vacuum packaging of chemical raw materials and biological intermediates, surface resistance value of 108-1010Ω.

packaging foils

Packaging foils is a key product produced by Mingtai Aluminum. The quality is in line with international standards and can be used as a packaging bag.

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