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- 2019-09-22 -

As we all know, the aluminum foil bag is a high-grade packaging bag, and the printed aluminum foil bag is more magnificent. It not only improves the grade of products packaged in aluminum foil bags, but also enhances the display value of aluminum foil bag packaging products, and is widely used in high-end goods trademarks and package. The food grade aluminum foil bag is also widely used in packaging fields such as food and medicine. The aluminum foil and plastic film composite aluminum foil bag effectively utilizes the characteristics of high temperature cooking and complete shading, and is made into a retort pouch for packaging cooked food. Multi-layer composite film is also used for small food packaging such as biscuits, snacks and beverages.

Food grade aluminum foil features:

The food grade aluminum foil has a metallic luster, good light protection, and high reflectance to heat and light. For example, the 8021 aluminum alloy has a metallic luster and a reflective property to improve the brightness of the printed color. At the same time, the food grade aluminum foil is isolated. Good, protective, non-breathable and water vapor, prevent the contents from moisture absorption, gasification, and are not easily attacked by bacteria and insects; shape stability is good, and is not affected by humidity changes. Food grade aluminum foil is also easy to process downstream manufacturers, can print aluminum foil bags, poor color, embossing, surface coating, sizing, etc.; composite aluminum foil bag, also has the advantages of isolation.

food grade aluminum foil

Food grade aluminum foil manufacturer

The production process of food grade aluminum foil is simple and cumbersome. The overall production process is: aluminum ingot smelting, casting rolling, cold rolling, intermediate annealing, cold rolling, aluminum foil rough rolling, medium rolling, finishing rolling (double), and The finished aluminum foil is annealed and composited. In the food grade aluminum foil production process, it is the whole process from the beginning of the aluminum foil wool to the processing of the foil.

food grade aluminum foil bag

Mingtai Aluminum is a well-known aluminum foil manufacturer at home and abroad. It strictly controls all links in the production of aluminum foil to ensure the quality of aluminum foil products. Most aluminum foil bags manufacturers will choose to purchase Mingtai aluminum's aluminum foil directly, and then carry out material composite bag making.

Food grade aluminum foil has many advantages. Mingtai Aluminum specializes in producing aluminum foil, and the quality is guaranteed.

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