Where is the quality pharmaceutical foil manufacturer?

- 2019-09-16 -

The pharmaceutical aluminum foil is a single-sided aluminum foil with strict requirements for pinhole porosity, unwinding performance and surface wetting properties. It has excellent moisture resistance, shading performance and high barrier properties. The pharmaceutical foil is also non-toxic and tasteless. It is safe, hygienic and easy to carry. It is widely used in the packaging of various medicine capsules, tablets and granules after compounding and printing.

pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Common alloy of pharmaceutical aluminum foil

pharmaceutical aluminum foil  common alloy grade are 8 series 8011, 8021, the state is O, H18. Depending on the state, it is used on different pharmaceutical packaging. 8011 aluminum alloy is commonly used in software bags and tablets. 8011 alloy H18 is relatively hard. Most of them are used in granular drug packaging. It is known that plastic or paper is used in pharmaceutical packaging. Simple packaging, but these packagings are not easy to store, and they are easy to destroy the ingredients of the drug, thus reducing the efficacy. Then the appearance of the pharmaceutical aluminum foil improved the situation, and the drug was easy to store and easy to carry.

pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil manufacturer

Henan Mingtai Aluminum's large aluminum foil supplier, the pharmaceutical aluminum foil, the processing thickness range is 0.018-0.2mm, the width range is 100-1650mm, can be customized according to different needs of customers, with excellent product quality pharmaceutical foil Exported to the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other countries, and established a long-term cooperative relationship. In the domestic market, Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging is also praised by customers.

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