Aluminum composite panel for curtain wall use

- 2019-09-16 -

Aluminum composite panel is a widely used product in the curtain wall and building materials industry. It is widely used in curtain wall and exterior wall decoration. Nowadays, many cities in China can see the exterior wall decoration of the building using aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall and punching. The aluminum-composite panel has a variety of shapes. Do you feel special about the buildings below? If you look at it, you will also take a look at it. It will also be taken with this special building. The aluminum composite board is not only good for the decoration of the building, but also has many advantages which is why you choose to use it for curtain wall decoration.

aluminum composite panel

Advantages of aluminum composite panel curtain wall:

Aluminum composite panel is produced with a suitable thickness of aluminum alloy sheet to design the dimensions of the engineering site, aluminum plastic composite panel.The shape structure is then custom-made for forming. The aluminum composite panel is mostly used for curtain wall. The curtain wall refers to the lightweight wall outside the main structure of the building. Therefore, the material of the curtain wall is required to be lightweight, and it needs to be imitation of water, imitation, corrosion and dirt.

 These are all advantages of the aluminum composite panel. The aluminum composite panel material is lighter in the same area of the curtain wall. The aluminum plastic composite panel is lighter. Xiaobian learned that the curtain wall of the same size and area needs to be decorated with concrete slabs. The weight of the aluminum composite panel is 1/5 to 1/7 of the concrete slab, and the 1/15 of the granite curtain wall. The impact of earthquakes on buildings can also reduce the safety risks of buildings.

aluminum composite panel

The aluminum composite panel curtain wall is easy to install:

The aluminum composite panel curtain wall is easy to install, with fewer operating steps and faster installation speed. Updates and maintenance are easy to replace. If you want to renovate the curtain wall, you can reuse it and design some other effects that can take advantage of the aluminum composite panel. The aluminum composite board made from 1100 aluminum foil is used in a variety of metal curtain wall panels and metal ceiling panels.

Applicable to a variety of living and working places, such as: indoor, outdoor, airport, subway, light rail, station, exhibition hall, hospital, administrative office building, commercial building and other places, in line with environmental protection requirements. The panel is generally a product that can be produced after being customized. After all, thousands of people have thousands of requirements.

The 1100 aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum is commonly used in the processing and manufacturing of aluminum composite panel. The commonly used state is H16, H18, etc.The 1100 aluminum foil has many advantages such as good plate shape, smooth surface and less pinholes.

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