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- 2019-09-01 -

China has always had a polite attitude since ancient times. The company adheres to the basic business philosophy of being friends first, doing business. We treat each customer as a distant friend. Specific issues that you need to solve in China according to Chinese law. We are ready to give you free assistance, such as checking projects, exhibiting, inspecting goods, negotiating and cooperating, etc. As long as you trust and tell us about your needs beforehand, we will try our best to help you make it on time!

The free services that Mingtai Aluminum can provide to you are as follows:
1. Save service. Helps you book hotels, plane tickets, train tickets, beautiful places and more.
2. Shipping service. It provides airport transfers, business cars and other short trips.
3. Trip planning. Gives you the best route plan to your destination.

Welcome to China, welcome to Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. We are happy to serve you, we will provide you with sincere service and make you feel at home!

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