5182 aluminum sheet | 5182 aluminum plate

5182 aluminum sheet | 5182 aluminum plate


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5182 aluminum sheet introduction

5182 aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Mg alloy. It is a kind of rust-proof aluminum with wide application. It has high strength and its tensile strength is slightly better than that of 5052 and 5083 aluminum alloy. The yield strength is better than that of 5052 and 5083 aluminum sheet. Because the alloy contains trace element Si, 5182 aluminum sheet has excellent welding performance, such as gas welding, electric welding, seam welding and argon arc welding. 5182 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, can not be heat treated, but has good cold workability and good processing and forming properties.

5182 aluminum sheet

The 5182 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai is often used as a sheet for the processing of can lids, outer panels, decks, automobile body panels, operating panels, reinforcements, brackets and other components of the ship's side hull. Mingtai can customize all kinds of 5182 aluminum sheet according to customer needs, with thickness ranging from 0.15-600mm, width ranging from 20-2600mm and length between 500-1600mm. At present, the requirements of lightweight vehicles, Mingtai's 5182 aluminum sheet can meet the needs of automotive aluminum. For more information about Mingtai 5182 aluminum sheet, please call the contact us to come to the consultation, Mingtai Aluminum will be happy to serve you.

5182 aluminum sheet

Mingtai's 5182 aluminum sheet performance advantages:

A: 5182 aluminum sheet has good anti-rust properties and is widely used.
B: Contains a small amount of Si, and 5182 aluminum sheet has excellent weldability and a low tendency to crack during welding.
C: Aluminum alloy in 5182 has excellent corrosion resistance, tensile strength and high yield strength.
D: The surface of the produced 5182 aluminum sheet has no defects, the shape is flat, and the quality is superior.

5182 aluminum sheet

5182 aluminum sheet technical parameters

Typical alloy
aluminum alloy 5182 sheet
Material status
O, H12, H14,H16, H18, H19,H22, H24, H26,H28, H32, H34,H36, H38, H111,H112, H114, H 116, H321
Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Typical product
Outer panels, decks, refrigeration units, tankers, oxygen generator towers, etc.
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