2A12 Aluminum Sheet

2A12 Aluminum Sheet


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2A12 aluminum sheet introduction

2A12 belongs to the AL-Cu-Mg series of aluminum alloys. It is a heat-treppable reinforced aluminum alloy with high strength and is often referred to as a hard aluminum alloy. Mingtai controls Cu and Mg within a reasonable range to maximize the tensile strength and natural aging effect of 2A12 alloy. The 2A12 aluminum plate is suitable for annealing in the range of 390 ° C - 450 ° C or 350 ° C - 370 ° C, and its natural aging can be up to 12 h.

Henan Mingtai can produce 2A12 aluminum sheet in the O state, T3, T4, T351 and H112 states. A small amount of Mn is added in the 2A12 aluminum sheet, which improves the room temperature strength and heat resistance of the alloy, and also makes the alloy have a pressing effect. Mingtai Aluminum strictly controls the content of Mn to avoid the formation of coarse brittle compounds and reduce plasticity. The 2A12 aluminum sheet produced is often used in aircraft exteriors, wings, truck hubs, spirals and other various structural components.

Mingtai's 2A12 aluminum sheet performance advantages:

A: Good thermal properties, high strength at high temperatures, and excellent processing properties.
B: The content of Mg was controlled within a certain range to increase the tensile strength of the 2A12 aluminum sheet.
C: Excellent corrosion performance, not easy to corrode, high elongation and durability.
D: During the production process, a small amount of trace elements Ti and Zr are added to refine the as-cast crystals, reducing the tendency of cracks during casting and welding.

2A12 aluminum sheet technical parameters

Typical alloy
2A12 aluminum alloy
Material status
O, T3, T4, T351, H112
Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Typical product
Moulds, high-strength parts, etc.

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