1050 aluminum sheet | 1050 aluminum plate

1050 aluminum sheet | 1050 aluminum plate


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1050 aluminum sheet introduction

As a 1 series aluminum alloy, the 1050 aluminum sheet has high plasticity and can be subjected to various types of press working.

As a professional supplier of 1050 aluminum sheet, Mingtai produces 1050 aluminum sheet with good welding performance and corrosion resistance. It can also be made into mirror aluminum plates. The processing technology of 1050 aluminum sheet is mature and the price is relatively cheap. 1050 aluminum sheet is often used in electrical conductors, food, chemical and brewing industries. With extrusion coils, various hoses, marine accessories, lamps, signs and so on.

1050 aluminum sheet

Mingtai 1050 aluminum sheet performance advantages:

A: 1050 aluminum sheet belongs to industrial pure aluminum, with low density, good electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity.
B: The area of the thermal neutron absorption boundary is small, and the appearance of 1050 aluminum sheet is beautiful.
C: 1050 aluminum sheet can form a dense and strong oxide film on the air surface to prevent the intrusion of oxygen, so it has good corrosion resistance.
D: Due to the mature processing technology of Mingtai Aluminum, the price of 1050 aluminum sheet has great advantages compared with other high-grade aluminum alloys.

1050 aluminum sheet

1050 aluminum sheet technical parameters

Typical alloy
1050 aluminum sheet
Material status
O, H12, H14, H16,H18, H19, H22, H24,H26, H28, H112, etc.
Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Typical product
PS board base, signage, lighting, battery soft connection, etc.

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