household foil / aluminum foil house using tips

household foil / aluminum foil house using tips


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The consumption of aluminum foil is increasing year by year. The used aluminum foil material can be recycled and reused, which reduces pollution and saves resources. It is a good choice. In the context of people's increasing concern about environmental protection, household foil has developed rapidly in recent years. Let's take a look at the use of household aluminum foil.

household foil can reduce dirt and slime in the kitchen sink

Knead the aluminum foil into a few balls of about 10 round coins and put them in the basket of the kitchen sink drain to reduce the slime on the basket. Copper, silver, aluminum and other metal ions have antibacterial and sterilizing effects. Household aluminum foil paper easily dissolves aluminum ions when it touches water, so it can prevent the generation of dirt.


household foil restores the luster of silver products

1) Prepare a container outside the metal, covered with aluminum foil paper, shiny surface, put in silver products, sprinkle with baking soda powder. (1 brooch-sized silver product, add about 1 tablespoon of baking soda powder.)
2) Pour the boiled hot water, you can see the water bubbling.
3) After waiting for a while, pour water to wash and dry the silver products, you will find that the black part has disappeared.
Silver products become black because the silver on the surface is oxidized to become silver oxide. Adding baking soda powder can reduce the silver oxide. In addition, the aluminum activity in house foil paper is higher than silver, so it can restore the gloss of silver products.


aluminum foil house protects against aphids

Aphids have the characteristic of being light-resistant. Put the bright side of aluminum foil paper up to cover the soil. Because the shiny side of aluminum foil paper can reflect light, it can prevent the breeding of aphids.

aluminum foil house can also increase lighting

When you want to remove a light bulb to save power, but worry about not being bright enough, you can stick a layer of high temperature resistant aluminum foil on the lampshade (bright side facing out) to increase lighting.

Use household foil to quickly freeze food

When you want to freeze food quickly, you can wrap the food with cling film and then wrap a layer of household foil paper into the freezer, which can not only freeze quickly, but also make the food less dry. Wrapping aluminum foil during thawing can also speed up thawing. However, it should be noted that it is not allowed to thaw in the microwave oven together with aluminum foil paper, which will be dangerous.

household foil to remove grease

The aluminum foil is crumpled into a ball shape, with the bright surface on the outside. Gently wipe the pan and glassware to remove grease and burnt parts, but please note that this method cannot be used on Teflon processed pots or objects. If you want to improve the cleaning power, you can add baking soda when you clean the burnt pot; when you wash glassware, you can use dishwashing liquid.

household foil to prevent static electricity in the dryer

Knead the aluminum foil into a baseball-sized ball and put it in the dryer together with the clothes to prevent static electricity.
1) The balls made of household foil must be strong, otherwise the debris of the aluminum foil will get on the clothes.
2) When washing a large amount of clothes, it is necessary to reach 2 to 3 aluminum foil balls.
3) The use period of an anti-static foil ball is about half a year.


household foil increases ironing efficiency

When ironing clothes, lay house foil paper under the clothes. Using the heat conduction characteristics of aluminum foil paper, you can iron both sides at once, saving time and electricity Aluminum foil will become hot after ironing, so be careful not to get burned.

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