strong kitchen foil / kitchen aluminium foil food grade

strong kitchen foil / kitchen aluminium foil food grade


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Strong kitchen foil food grade uses

Strong kitchen foil is widely used in cooking, freezing, preservation, baking and other industries. Kitchen foil is easy to use, safe, hygienic, no odor, and no leakage. And in the refrigerator or freezer, aluminum foil can be directly wrapped on the food, which can keep the food from being easily deformed, and can avoid the loss of water from fish, vegetables, fruits, and dishes, and prevent the taste from leaking or mixing in.

Excellent characteristics of kitchen aluminium foil

The kitchen aluminium foil has good and uniform thermal conductivity and heating effect, and can be used in ovens, steamers, etc. to heat directly on the original packaging. In addition, the use of kitchen aluminum foil for food packaging also has the characteristics of high resource recovery and reuse rate, that is, it protects the environment and reduces resource waste, and has good social benefits.

kitchen aluminium foil

Which alloys can be used for Strong kitchen foil?

Among the many aluminum foil alloys, 8011 aluminum foil and 3003 aluminum foil belong to the alloys with higher technical content. They are used as kitchen foil, which has a flat version, a clean surface, uniform color, no spots, and has good moisture resistance and shading performance. Strong kitchen foil also has a very high blocking ability, and its wide range of applications can be customized on demand.

Typical Alloy
8011 aluminum foil,3003 aluminum foil
Material Status 
O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24 
Thickness (mm) 
Width (mm)
Length (mm)

Mingtai Aluminum is a strong kitchen foil / kitchen aluminum foil raw material factory. The kitchen aluminum foil produced by the company has the advantages of clean surface, product safety and hygiene, and high extension rate. It is a supplier of aluminum foil raw materials for various domestic foil production enterprises at home and abroad.

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