8079 aluminum foil

8079 aluminum foil


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8079 aluminum foil introduction

8079 aluminum foil is a kind of AL-Li series, which has high strength, good elongation and pressure-expanding performance. Henan Mingtai strictly controls the content of trace elements Fe and Si in the production of 8079 aluminum foil, ensuring that the product can reduce the crack tendency during welding and improve the welding performance without reducing its corrosion resistance.

8079 aluminum foil

8079 aluminum foil produced

Mingtai Aluminum can produce 8079 aluminum foil in O state, H22 and H24 state. In the production process, through the detection of bacteria, mold and other products, the finished 8079 aluminum foil is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic, and is widely used in food packaging and medicine. Packaging, battery soft packs and other fields. Mingtai Aluminum conducts a rigorous review and review process for each batch of 8079 aluminum foil produced. During the inspection process, the plate with pinholes, holes, or hemp and ribs is abolished, and the 8079 aluminum foil delivered to the customer is guaranteed. Immaculate.

8079 aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum 8079 aluminum foil performance characteristics

1.8079 aluminum foil has high strength, excellent elongation and pressure-expanding performance, easy to form.
2, the layout requirements of 8079 aluminum foil are strict, the version is flat, the porosity is guaranteed when cutting, and the brush water can reach the A-class standard.
3, 8079 aluminum foil in the high and low temperature state, are not easy to deform, and has the characteristics of shading, airtight, non-toxic and tasteless.

4, the surface of 8079 aluminum foil has a silver-white luster, easy to process a variety of colors of beautiful patterns and patterns.

8079 aluminum foil

8079 aluminum foil technical parameters

Typical Alloy
8079 aluminum foil
Material Status
O, H22, H24
Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (mm)

Typical Product
pharmaceutical foil, lunch box material, food packaging foil, etc.

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