8021 aluminum foil

8021 aluminum foil


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8021 aluminum foil introduction

As one of Mingtai's key products, 8021 aluminum foil has been tested by bacteria, mold and other products in the production process. The content of heavy metals should not exceed 0.2 parts per million to ensure that the finished products are non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic. Therefore, 8021 aluminum foil is often used as a pharmaceutical foil or aluminum foil for packaging.

In addition, 8021 aluminum foil is similar to 8011 aluminum foil, and has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier capability. It can be used as a production material for battery foil and battery soft foil.

8021 aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum 8021 aluminum foil advantages

1,8021 aluminum foil is safe and non-toxic, brush water A grade, cup convex value is high;
2,8021 aluminum foil has strong mechanical properties, high anti-blasting performance, strong puncture and tear resistance;
3, 8021 aluminum foil hasexcellent moisture resistance, shading and extremely high barrier ability;
4, the surface of 8021 aluminum foil is clean, uniform color, no spots, no oil, smooth and no pinholes;

5, 8021 aluminum foil in bacteria, mold and other tests, heavy metals do not exceed 0.2 million parts per million, strict implementation of industry standards, to ensure safety and health.

8021 aluminum foil

8021 aluminum foil technical parameters

Typical Alloy

8021 aluminum foil

Material Status

O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24

Thickness (mm)


Width (mm)


Length (mm)


Typical Product

Battery soft pack, lunch box material, food packaging foil, etc.

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