6061 aluminum coil

6061 aluminum coil


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6061 aluminum coil introduction

6061 aluminum coil is an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as the main alloying elements. 6061 aluminum coil can be heat-treated and strengthened. It has medium strength and its strength is close to that of 2 series alloy. It has good extrusion forging performance. 6061 aluminum alloy is one of the most used alloys in 6 series alloys, with good overall performance and easy processing.

6061 aluminum coil

The 6061 aluminum coil produced by Mingtai involves four states, O, T4, T6 and T651. 6061 aluminum coil is commonly used in the fields of interior and exterior panels, floors and compartment panels of rail vehicles. 6061 aluminum coil hastensile strength, yield strength and shear strength are good, with good welding performance, gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding and wire bonding, and excellent brazing performance. 6 series aluminum coils are widely used in various industrial structural parts with certain strength, weldability and high corrosion resistance, such as manufacturing trucks, tower buildings, ships, electric cars and other fields.

6061 aluminum coil

Mingtai's 6061 aluminum coil performance advantages:

A: 6061 aluminum coil has strong corrosion resistance and no stress corrosion cracking tendency.
B: Excellent welding performance and constant corrosion performance in the welding area.
C: Wide range of applications and excellent performance. 6061 aluminum coil is the best extruded profile.
D: The addition of Cu improves the plasticity of the 6061 aluminum coil during hot working and increases the heat treatment strengthening effect.

6061 aluminum coil

6061 aluminum coil technical parameters

Typical Alloy  6060 aluminum coil
Material Status
O, T4, T6, T651
Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (mm) 
Typical Product
ail vehicle interior and exterior panels, floors, car panels, etc.

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